Slo-mo-shun IV-1950 picture of Slo-mo IV

Slo-mo-shun IV, Stan Sayres' 1950, 1952, and 1953 Gold Cup Winner

Slo-mo-shun V-1951

Slo-mo-shun V, Stan Sayres' 1951 and 1954 Gold Cup winner

Such Crust IV-1952-gallery Such Crust IV-1952

Such Crust IV, which burned at the 1952 Gold Cup Race, injuring driver Wild Bill Cantrell.

Gale IV-1954-gallery Gale IV-1954

Gale IV, the Schoeniths' 1954 President's Cup winner.

 My Sweetie Dora My Sweetie Dora

My Sweetie Dora, Horace Dodge's 1954 Silver Cup winner

GC winner Gale V GC winner Gale V

The first Gale V, winner of the 1955 Gold Cup, driven by both Lee Schoenith and Bill Cantrell, which brought the Gold Cup back to Detroit.

Tempo VII-1955 Tempo VII-1955

Tempo VII, the 1955 National High Point Champion

Miss US in 1956 Miss US in 1956

The first Miss U.S., which was campaigned from 1953 to 1956, and was originally driven by owner George Simon.

the second Gale V the second Gale V

The Schoeniths' second Gale V, built to replace the 1955 Gold Cup winner.

Miss Thriftway Miss Thriftway

The first Miss Thriftway, Gold Cup winner in 1956 and 1957, driven by Bill Muncey.

Hawaii Kai III Hawaii Kai III

Hawaii Kai III, the 1958 Gold Cup winner, driven by Jack Regas.

Miss U.S. II-1956 Miss U.S. II-1956

Miss U.S. II, the 1956 Silver Cup winner, driven by Don Wilson.

Miss Supertest II-1956 Miss Supertest II-1956

Miss Supertest II, the 1956 Canadian Harmsworth challenger, driven by Bill Braden.

Shanty I-1956 Shanty I-1956

Shanty I, the 1956 Harmsworth Winner, driven by Col. Russ Schleeh.

the first Miss Bardahl the first Miss Bardahl

Miss Bardahl, Seattle's first unlimited to carry the famous name.

Miss Supertest III-1959 Miss Supertest III-1959

Miss Supertest III, the 1959, 1960, and 1961 Harmsworth Winner, driven by Bob Hayward.

Maverick-1959 Maverick-1959

Maverick, the 1959 Gold Cup Winner, driven by Bill Stead.

Miss Everett Miss Everett

Miss Everett, the former Gale IV and Wildroot Charlie, as she looked in 1959.

Miss Pay N Save Miss Pay N Save

Miss Pay N Save, the 1959 Apple Cup winner