Miss Thriftway 1960 Miss Thriftway 1960

The third Miss Thriftway, in which Bill Muncey set a straightaway record in 1960, raced as Miss Century 21 in 1961 and 1962.

Thunderbolt 1961 Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt, a local Detroit favorite driven by Bud Saile, as she looked in 1961.

Miss U.S. 1962 Miss U.S. 1962

Miss U.S. 1, which set a straightaway record of 200.419mph in 1962 with Roy Duby driving.

Miss Bardahl 1963 Miss Bardahl 1963

Miss Bardahl, driven by Ron Musson, was the Gold Cup winner in 1963, 1964, and 1965.

Miss Century 21 Miss Century 21

Miss Century 21, driven by Bill Muncey, the Gold Cup winner in 1961 and 1962, his 3rd and fourth Gold Cup wins.

Seattle Too Seattle Too

Miss Seattle Too as she looked before crashing at Seattle in 1962.

Gale V 1963 Gale V 1963

The third and last Gale V, which finished second in the Gold Cup with Wild Bill Cantrell at the wheel in 1963.

Tahoe Miss 1963 Tahoe Miss 1963

The 1963 Tahoe Miss, driven by Chuck Thompson.

Gale's Roostertail 1965 Gale's Roostertail 1965

Gale's Roostertail, driven by Jerry Schoenith, as she looked in 1965, with her traditional mahogany decking.

Tahoe Miss 1966 Tahoe

Tahoe Miss, winner of the 1966 Gold Cup on the Detroit River, driven by Mira Slovak.

Smirnoff 1966 Smirnoff 1966

Miss Smirnoff, driven by Chuck Thompson, as she looked in 1966 before her fatal Gold Cup accident.

$ Bill 1966 $ Bill 1966

$ Bill, a California based favorite, as she looked in 1965, when Rex Bixby was her driver.

Miss Exide 1965 Miss Exide 1965

Miss Exide, the 1965 Diamond Cup winner, driven by Bill Brow.

Miss Bardahl 1966 miss Bardahl 1966

The 1966 cabover Miss Bardahl, driven by Ron Musson.

My Gypsy 1966 My

My Gypsy, which won the 1966 Seattle Seafair Trophy with owner Jim Ranger driving.

Miss Bardahl 1967 Miss Bardahl 1967

The last Miss Bardahl, as she looked in 1967 when she won her first Gold Cup.

Miss Bardahl 1968 Miss Bardahl 1968

Miss Bardahl, the 1967 and 1968 Gold Cup winner, driven by Bill Schumacher.

Miss U.S. 1969 Miss U.S. 1969

Miss U.S., driven by Bill Muncey, winner of both the 1968 and 1969 World Championship Races.