Miss Budweiser 1969 miss Budweiser 1969

Miss Budweiser, the 1969 and 1970 Gold Cup Champion hull, driven by Bill Sterett and Dean Chenoweth.

Towne Towne

Towne Club, owned and driven by Fred Alter, as she looked in 1970.

Pak N Pak 1970 Pay N Pak 1970

Pay'N Pak, the auto powered cabover, as she looked in her debut in 1970.

Miss Madison Miss Madison

Miss Madison, the 1971 Gold Cup winner at Madison, Indiana, with Jim McCormick driving.

Atlas Van Lines 1972 Atlas Van Lines 1972

Atlas Van Lines, the 1972 Gold Cup winner, with Bill Muncey driving.

Notre Dame 1972 Notre Dame 1972

The last Notre Dame, driven in 1972 by Dean Chenoweth.

1973 Miss Budweiser 1973 Miss Budweiser

This Miss Budweiser, driven by Dean Chenoweth, won the 1973 Gold Cup Race.

Pay N Pak-1974 Pay N Pak-1974 /></p>
       <p><strong>Pay 'N Pak, the 1974 and 1975 Gold Cup winner, driven by George Henley.</p></strong>
     <divclass= Miss U.S. 1976 Miss

Miss U.S., the last of George Simon's boats, was the 1976 Gold Cup winner, driven by Tom D'Eath.

1977 Atlas Van Lines 1977 Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines, Bill Muncey's 1977, 1978, and 1979 Gold Cup winner.